Why are things so hard? This town always has to do things the hard way. We now know most of the specifics on the deal. The deal that has been brought forward by Chris Hansen to build an arena in the SODO. It seems to me that there is an obvious answer here. Why would the city of Seattle once again reject free money that will revitalize a business district that has been hit hard by the economic times and the Sonics departure. I can't believe my ears sometimes when I hear people second guess funding and second guess wanting the NBA to comeback.  If the areana is built and the NBA and NHL relocate teams here, this area will be one of the few to have all major sports. This will not only bring tourism and revenue but pride back to the city and county. Just get the details worked out and go get a team.

Going to get a team will not be real easy, but it seems to me very doable. Chris Hansen (a.k.a. the saviour) wouldn't have gone this far if he didn't have something lined up with that lying punk David Stern. Rich guys don't get rich doing things on a whim.  If the city and county wise up we shouldn't have a major problem finding a team. There are plenty of teams struggling to make it in the Stern NBA. The 12th biggest market deserves a team and I believe we will. Let's just make sure the city and county have their house in order and then go get a team. This may take a few years but it seems to me sooner rather than later it will happen. I am still waiting on the official word from Sacramento. They don't have an arena in the bag just yet. Keep hope.

Ichiro the slugger


With Ichiro moving to the 3rd spot in the batting order will he change his approach?  Hopefully he will look to drive the ball more and stop slapping at it. I like guys on base in front of him because he always makes contact, and with Figgins and Ackley both with speed, It could work well.  One thing is for sure no one will hit less HR's.  I like Montero, Carp, Smoke 4,5,6.  Ichiro will rebound in his contract season, look for him to get back to .300 batting average and drive in a few more runs.

Dan Bode
Pay-Per-View payday. Pacquiao getting the decision over Marquez sets up a Cowboy Stadium mega fight. In boxing there is always controversy. I think Mayweather has got to be chomping at the bit after watching Pac Man’s last fight. May 5th 2012 Lets get this deal done and starts the Pac Man vs. Pretty Floyd series.

Andy Linscott