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I DO!!! Let me start out by saying GOOOOOO SEAHAWKSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I am very excited, to say the least, about the Seahawks trading for Percy Harvin. I am a football kid through and through. I grew up on a sideline, played high school ball, was fortunate to experience college football, and now have the privilege of coaching high school football.  Being from the offensive side of the ball I must say that with this new addition the Seahawks offensive, this is as close to a football wet dream as it gets for me. Yeah, I just said that. To go over the basics of the deal, it appears to be a 1st, 7th, and mid-round pick next year with Harvin passing a physical and redoing his contract. All of which I am okay with. Here is a list of why:

1.       Harvin is a dynamic player. He can be a game changer on any play lining up wide, in the slot, somewhere in the backfield or deep on either a punt or kick-return.  Name the last time the Seahawks had a player like that?

2.       He is only 24 years old. He has at least 6 years of explosive football in him.

3.       He got hurt during the 9th game last year and had 62rec 677yards and 3tds at that point. Rice had 50rec 748 yards and 7tds, Tate 45rec for 688yards and 7tds ALL YEAR. OH, not to mention the 96 rushing yards a td along with over 500 return yards with one to the house…IN LESS THEN 9 GAMES!!! That’s only 1347 all-purpose yards  

4.       He only missed 3 games over the prior 3 seasons. Our guys have missed games too.

5.       He averages 1800yards from scrimmage a year.  54 games 29tds 5 from returns, more than anyone else since he has played.

6.       He played with Rice (both their best year) so I really doubt they would bring him in if they thought his “attitude” was an issue. All you that are worried about his “attitude” you were probably the same ones saying that about Lynch when we got him…SAVE IT!

7.       We have cap room, draft picks, youth, smart GM, passionate Coach, and Big Russ.

8.       Name one person in this draft that is better than Percy Harvin that would make the same impact on offense? Some could guess but Percy is PROVEN.

Today the Seattle Seahawks made a great move in trading for Percy Harvin. Personally I am even more excited about the season than yesterday. Remember Seahawk fans yesterday we all were certain our Seahawks would contend for a Super Bowl Title this year. Today we have the same team, plus PERCY HARVIN! GO HAWKS!

Tomorrow the ripple effect of this….who might go?

Steve Fenton

               The sun is starting to come out more, the temperature is going up, and that familiar scent is in the air… Baseball is back. Spring training is well under way and our Seattle Mariners are playing hotter than ever right now. One of the top records in MLB Spring training complimented by power numbers to the likes we haven’t seen during spring before. The Mariners are getting a much needed buzz about their hopes for the season, because this season is pivotal for their future.

                In 2012 the Seattle Mariners had one of the worst attendance records in all of MLB. Their average home attendance was 21,258 putting them just over 1.7 million for the year; 5th worst in MLB. If that doesn’t sound bad enough, they were worst in attendance capacity percentage at home (44%) and overall in MLB (55%).  Let us compare this to the Seattle Sounders FC home attendance last season: average attendance 43,144 with 17 regular season matches and 7 additional games puts them a bit over 1 million for the season (only a handful of games are open to the stadiums full capacity).  Yes, Century Link holds roughly 1/3 more seats, but baseball has four times as many games. 

                This spring training will go down in the record books for the Mariners. 11-4 is one of their best records at this point in team history and the power numbers have been better than a couple combined spring trainings thus far. The team is hitting at a .303 average with 36 doubles 30 home runs and a slugging percentage of .547. These number aren’t being skewed by one or two players ripping it up, this has been by a team doing this game in and game out. The farm is looking better than it has in a long time with some young guns poised to be great starters in the near future along with good depth at catcher and around the diamond.  This is baseball that wins games, puts fans in the seats, and allows farm players to develop as needed. Too many times we give away good farm players in hopes of winning now. We lose and then get stuck with big contracts and no good farm players left in the system.

                Does this spring really mean anything though? Can you really forecast a season based on spring ball? I don’t really think so, but I really do hope so. I hope this is just foreshadowing a season of great surprise and enjoyment. Show us something Mariners… show us we are still a relevant team not just in MLB, but here in Seattle as a sports team.  The Sounders numbers in attendance, cups, and post-season appearances speak for themselves. They are only getting bigger. Russell Wilson and the Seahawks… ‘nough said… and to cap it off the return of the SuperSonics parlayed with a possible NHL team… this season couldn’t be more pivotal Mariners. GET IT DONE! Or, you will be 4th maybe 5th not just in the AL West but in the city of Seattle…for a while. 

Steve Fenton
There is a lot of talk about whether Matt Flynn will get traded his offseason, get released outright, or remain as the backup for the Seahawks.  Here is why the Seahawks should stand pat as Flynn as their backup for 2013:

*    Flynn is a good QB and probably the best backup in the NFL.  You need a quality backup in this league.

·         There are minimal cap implications regardless of what happens solely because of the way the front office have positioned the Seahawks.  It doesn’t affect John Schneider and company going after anyone and everyone if they want to.

·         You can’t do a new deal with Mr. Wilson for 2 more years anyways thanks to the new CBA.

·         Having a stance that Flynn will be a Seahawk in 2013 gets rid of the feel that the Seahawks are desperate to trade him.  This increases his trade value in my opinion.

·         Unlike what the media said after MR WILSON earned the starting job, the two QBs can coexist on the same team even though Flynn makes more money than MR WILSON.  In fact, it is solely because of MR WILSON and the fact that   he probably welcomes Flynn.   Outside of being a phenomenal QB, he is an even better teammate and person that respects the league.

The Seahawks should move forward into 2013 comfortable with Flynn on the roster.  If a team calls, listen but don’t settle on a trade just to get “something” for him.  Nothing less than a 3rd round pick in my opinion.

Lastly, lets be grateful that we have MR WILSON as our QB.  Only he would handle the situation where his backup makes 10 times more than him with class and respect.  MR WILSON is the real reason that the Seahawks can move forward with Flynn as backup.

Kris Farver
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March 05th, 2013


Let ME be perfectly clear Kevin Johnson. Kings will be in Seattle with a different name in a matter of months. Sacramento Kings are no more. KJ has done everything he can to try and keep the Kings but too little too late. Deal is already done. $30 million has already changed hands and is probably already spent knowing the Maloofs business troubles. I respect Sacramento and KJ for giving it a try but it smells to me like a political move to try and make it look like he did his part. The pep rally/state of city was a good show of support. The problem is they can’t buy a team that has already been purchased.

I remember when the Sonics left. I always felt like we had a chance. It was wishful thinking. Remember Marsha Peckman? I do. This is unfortunately for Sacramento the same situation. The only difference is Hansen/Balmer aren’t lying to the city.

The other problem, the unveiling of the whales was not good enough. The main investor is valued at $350 million. Tough buying a team that cost more than he has. The kings already get money from the NBA pot on the owner’s dime. They will want to stay away from that.

This really comes down to the NBA board of Governors. They can do only one thing that can help KJ. They would have to kill the relocation causing the Hansen deal to fall through. Then open it back up for negotiation. The NBA BOG will not vote it down. When the Sonics left, only two owners voted against it. Why? Owners will not vote against their best interest. The sale will boost the value of their own franchise and give them a relocation fee. The main reason is they don’t want to hamstring other owners in the sale of their franchise. They wouldn’t want to have the same thing happen to them if they were in need to sell.

It’s game 4 and the Sonics are up on the Kings right now 3-0. At this point it will take a California miracle to keep the team in Sactown.

Casey Fitch