I am so pissed off right now. I mean what kind of can't do city do we live in. We have a man in Chris Hansen who only wants the best for the city he grew up in. He is willing to throw down $800 million to help build an arena and bring NBA and NHL to one of the great western cities. We have some council members and The "Seattle (dying medium) Times" throwing any excuse imaginable at turning down free money. 

I love how traffic concerns are such a big issue. This city has had traffic problems ever since The Denny Family tried to build this city on swamp land. Give me a break. We should probably have Hansen do a study to see how we can also fix the national debt. What a spit in the face to guy who giving his money to help make Seattle great. Maybe we should blame Boeing taking jobs to the Midwest on the Arena deal too. What a joke. To quote a line from Dusk til Dawn "Are you to stupid to realize when you've won".

Seriously, this city has been pissing on sports for far too long. I think I want tax dollars back for the Seattle Symphony or for monorail votes that didn't matter. I don't use any of that myself so it must not have any value. 

I am sick of the can't do attitude around here. If I hear one more person talk about giving money to million dollar athletes I don't know what I would do. These "million dollar athletes" spend a crap load of money in this town in your restaurants and stores. Not to mention the fact that you will have nights throughout the year that people might actually come down to the can't do city and spend money. The only time my family goes down their is for sporting events and we live in Kent which isn't far.  

I have no problem turning down Clay "man possessed"  Bennett, but this is one of our own. We will also see Steve Balmer come out of this too. Let's get past the bullshit and see the big picture Seattle. Get the best arena deal ever made done and signed and let's bring the Supes back!