NCAA president Mark Emmert backed a proposal to allow conferences to increase grants to student-athletes by $2,000, to help student athletes with miscellaneous expenses, beyond the athletic scholarships given for tuition, fees, room, board and books. This stirs up the long heated debate on whether student-athletes should be paid by their institutions for their athletic services. Some believe that student athletes receive more than enough compensation through their awarded scholarships. Others believe that student athletes should be rewarded for their star play and the revenue they bring to their college. 
What I believe is college athletes should be paid. Having been a student athlete myself, I know how demanding the schedule is. Splitting time between the classroom and the athletic court leaves little time for studying let alone getting a job. Scholarships aren’t cash in hand, there’s no money for movie and dinner with a girl or a fun game of Edward Forty Hands. Let’s be real, college kids need to be college kids. $2000 a year only equates to $40 a week. Not a lot to ask given how much money the university makes off them.

Andy Linscott


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