Skittles scoop


On January 9th 2011, Qwest Field (now CenturyLink Field), at 4:43pm a small tremor was recorded by the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network. The cause? Marshawn Lynch putting an end to the defending Super Bowl Champions, New Orleans Saints, playoffs on a run that what will forever be know as “BeastQuake.”

Nearly two years to the day, Lynch pulls off another play that very well may have saved the Seahawks post-season, helped propel them to victory and could be one of the greatest plays in Seahawks Post-Season history. In the second quarter, with nine minutes and change on the clock, the Seahawks started a drive that took over five minutes off the clock as well as scoring a much needed touchdown. Early in that drive Russell Wilson and Lynch had a bad exchange on a zone read resulting in the ball bouncing around on the grass. The game was 14-3 Redskins and the Seahawks were just starting to get things going on both sides of the ball. If the Redskins pick this ball up the season could be over. Instead Marshawn hustles back after feeling something wasn’t right on the exchange. He scoops up the football, like skittles out of a giant bowl, and races 20 yards for another SEAHAWK FIRST Down.

 It happened so fast I don’t think most had the time to react to it other then “WOW” we needed that. The “Skittles Scoop” (I’m calling it) gave the Seahawks momentum that they were fighting so hard to obtain after trailing 14-0 early. That play and that drive changed the game and we all know the final result. I’m sure SportsScience on ESPN will do some analysis of the play but what they won’t be able to tell you is that the Skittles Scoop will go down as one of the greatest plays in Seahawk Post-Season history.

Steve Fenton


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