If the rumors are true, god bless the Seattle Supersonics. The only franchise in Seattle history with a title could be coming home. I know the storm won a title but that’s like a dog from Seattle winning the Westminster dog show. A good story and I’m happy for them but you know it’s just not the same. 

I am going to be honest (I guess that means I'm normally not honest but I digress).  I have not watched a lick of NBA basketball since we were abused by David Stern and his minions. It was too hard. It feels like it’s been a decade. I used to be able to name every player in the NBA and the college they attended, now I will have a hard time naming any player that has entered the league since we left. Besides feeling old it hurts inside. I feel a little ashamed, but so should the NBA. We are a great NBA city.

It feels good to be thinking about it again. I have hated hating the NBA, but I had no choice.  I feel like I have been scorned by a woman and now I would take her back with no questions asked. Pathetic but true.

ME: Who have you been seeing? …..Nevermind I don’t want to know.

NBA: Oklahoma City

ME: You Bitch!!!!! 

I am ready to forgive and never forget what the NBA has done to me. Let’s hope we never have to go through something like this again. Oh and Sorry Sactown. 

The Glove, Reign man, Big paper daddy, Big Smooth, X man, Mac 10, Downtown Freddie Brown , Hawk, Can’t wait.

Casey Fitch


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