The Lost Runner


  In the wake of “Beast Mode” overshadowed by the record season of Shaun Alexander and clouded by the one of the greatest Seahawks of all times, Curt Warner, there played a running back seemingly lost  in the “Dark Period” of Seahawk football. 
    The “Dark Period” 1989-1998 saw one team have a winning record, no playoff appearances and the teams best player was on defense.  So it was easy for a running back to have had four straight 1000 yard seasons, 3 Pro Bowls and until Alexander, franchise records for rushing yards in a career, rushing yards in a season as well as rushing TD’s in a season. Chris Warren is that lost runner.
    Most Seahawk fans know the name and would say that he was a good running back. Few really knew how great he was. On a team with little to no Quarterback play surrounded by mediocre Wide Receivers and a line that never produced one Pro Bowler during the “Dark Period” Chris Warren was all the offense had and teams knew that. He was a big back, 6’2 225, that had breakaway speed but could run over linebackers if they got in his way.  
    The fourth round pick (Ferrum Panthers, DIII Virginia) in 1990 started out as a kick return specialist. He spent two seasons as the Seahawks return man while trying to prove that he was a running back. He compiled 17 carries at running back those first two seasons behind Derrick Fenner and John L. Williams. Warrens third year saw his patience and hard work pay off starting 16 games rushing for over a 1000 yards with a 4.6 ypc average. After his fourth straight year rushing for 1000 yards Warren had back to back years for rushing in the mid 800’s. He was hampered by injuries and with new coaches coming in the Seahawks parted their ways with Chris Warren in 1998.
    Warren  finished his career as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles but played almost three full seasons with the Dallas Cowboys after he departed from Seattle. He was never the same running back after the injuries. In the three seasons with the Cowboys and Eagles he carried the ball only 232 times for 990 yards and 8 tds. He had three seasons alone where he had more attempts when he was a Seahawk. Chris Warren currently is a Running Back Coach at Ferrum, where he attended college. He has a 16 year old son that plays running back and is every bit  the 6’2 225 his Father was now in high school.



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