Let ME be perfectly clear Kevin Johnson. Kings will be in Seattle with a different name in a matter of months. Sacramento Kings are no more. KJ has done everything he can to try and keep the Kings but too little too late. Deal is already done. $30 million has already changed hands and is probably already spent knowing the Maloofs business troubles. I respect Sacramento and KJ for giving it a try but it smells to me like a political move to try and make it look like he did his part. The pep rally/state of city was a good show of support. The problem is they can’t buy a team that has already been purchased.

I remember when the Sonics left. I always felt like we had a chance. It was wishful thinking. Remember Marsha Peckman? I do. This is unfortunately for Sacramento the same situation. The only difference is Hansen/Balmer aren’t lying to the city.

The other problem, the unveiling of the whales was not good enough. The main investor is valued at $350 million. Tough buying a team that cost more than he has. The kings already get money from the NBA pot on the owner’s dime. They will want to stay away from that.

This really comes down to the NBA board of Governors. They can do only one thing that can help KJ. They would have to kill the relocation causing the Hansen deal to fall through. Then open it back up for negotiation. The NBA BOG will not vote it down. When the Sonics left, only two owners voted against it. Why? Owners will not vote against their best interest. The sale will boost the value of their own franchise and give them a relocation fee. The main reason is they don’t want to hamstring other owners in the sale of their franchise. They wouldn’t want to have the same thing happen to them if they were in need to sell.

It’s game 4 and the Sonics are up on the Kings right now 3-0. At this point it will take a California miracle to keep the team in Sactown.

Casey Fitch



Jerry Calus
03/04/2013 5:07pm

Great article! Totally agree. Let's go SUPES!!!!

03/07/2013 11:44pm

There better not be any Starbucks being sold in the new arena!!

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