There is a lot of talk about whether Matt Flynn will get traded his offseason, get released outright, or remain as the backup for the Seahawks.  Here is why the Seahawks should stand pat as Flynn as their backup for 2013:

*    Flynn is a good QB and probably the best backup in the NFL.  You need a quality backup in this league.

·         There are minimal cap implications regardless of what happens solely because of the way the front office have positioned the Seahawks.  It doesn’t affect John Schneider and company going after anyone and everyone if they want to.

·         You can’t do a new deal with Mr. Wilson for 2 more years anyways thanks to the new CBA.

·         Having a stance that Flynn will be a Seahawk in 2013 gets rid of the feel that the Seahawks are desperate to trade him.  This increases his trade value in my opinion.

·         Unlike what the media said after MR WILSON earned the starting job, the two QBs can coexist on the same team even though Flynn makes more money than MR WILSON.  In fact, it is solely because of MR WILSON and the fact that   he probably welcomes Flynn.   Outside of being a phenomenal QB, he is an even better teammate and person that respects the league.

The Seahawks should move forward into 2013 comfortable with Flynn on the roster.  If a team calls, listen but don’t settle on a trade just to get “something” for him.  Nothing less than a 3rd round pick in my opinion.

Lastly, lets be grateful that we have MR WILSON as our QB.  Only he would handle the situation where his backup makes 10 times more than him with class and respect.  MR WILSON is the real reason that the Seahawks can move forward with Flynn as backup.

Kris Farver


03/09/2013 8:57pm

Agree, too many good teams become not good teams because their backup sucks.

03/10/2013 6:14pm

Frank Wright, Jeff Hostettler, Steve Young, Matt Hasselbeck, Steve Bono were all backup QB's on championship caliber teams. Then you have guys like Colin Kaepernick, Doug Williams, Tom Brady, and Kurt Warner who all started SuperBowl seasons as backups too. So I agree a quality backup is something most champions have in common.

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