I DO!!! Let me start out by saying GOOOOOO SEAHAWKSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I am very excited, to say the least, about the Seahawks trading for Percy Harvin. I am a football kid through and through. I grew up on a sideline, played high school ball, was fortunate to experience college football, and now have the privilege of coaching high school football.  Being from the offensive side of the ball I must say that with this new addition the Seahawks offensive, this is as close to a football wet dream as it gets for me. Yeah, I just said that. To go over the basics of the deal, it appears to be a 1st, 7th, and mid-round pick next year with Harvin passing a physical and redoing his contract. All of which I am okay with. Here is a list of why:

1.       Harvin is a dynamic player. He can be a game changer on any play lining up wide, in the slot, somewhere in the backfield or deep on either a punt or kick-return.  Name the last time the Seahawks had a player like that?

2.       He is only 24 years old. He has at least 6 years of explosive football in him.

3.       He got hurt during the 9th game last year and had 62rec 677yards and 3tds at that point. Rice had 50rec 748 yards and 7tds, Tate 45rec for 688yards and 7tds ALL YEAR. OH, not to mention the 96 rushing yards a td along with over 500 return yards with one to the house…IN LESS THEN 9 GAMES!!! That’s only 1347 all-purpose yards  

4.       He only missed 3 games over the prior 3 seasons. Our guys have missed games too.

5.       He averages 1800yards from scrimmage a year.  54 games 29tds 5 from returns, more than anyone else since he has played.

6.       He played with Rice (both their best year) so I really doubt they would bring him in if they thought his “attitude” was an issue. All you that are worried about his “attitude” you were probably the same ones saying that about Lynch when we got him…SAVE IT!

7.       We have cap room, draft picks, youth, smart GM, passionate Coach, and Big Russ.

8.       Name one person in this draft that is better than Percy Harvin that would make the same impact on offense? Some could guess but Percy is PROVEN.

Today the Seattle Seahawks made a great move in trading for Percy Harvin. Personally I am even more excited about the season than yesterday. Remember Seahawk fans yesterday we all were certain our Seahawks would contend for a Super Bowl Title this year. Today we have the same team, plus PERCY HARVIN! GO HAWKS!

Tomorrow the ripple effect of this….who might go?

Steve Fenton



Casey Fitch
03/13/2013 11:41am

Couldn't agree more......nice work Steve!

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